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Virtual Services

Remote HVAC monitoring for comfort and productivity.
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Building automation done right.

With our innovative Virtual Services offerings, Owens can remotely monitor your building and improve the performance of your HVAC system. With our innovative remote services, you can take comfort in knowing that HVAC problem-solving is just a phone call away. We can have your automation problems addressed or corrected almost immediately, helping to reduce tenant complaints.

Keeping a comfortable building environment is no small task! The constant “too hot” and “too cold” refrain from team members leads to distraction, dissatisfaction, and ultimately lost productivity.

With Owens’ Virtual Services, we are one call away from diagnosing the issue and relieving the pain. Perhaps it is just a minor system adjustment, avoiding a service call and allowing everyone to refocus on the job at hand.

How our automation process works:

You choose a schedule (paid hourly or weekly) for a Virtual Automation Technician to monitor your building.


The time you select can be used for:

Virtual Services and Preventive Maintenance:


The backbone of this company going back to 1957 is, and continues to be, our legendary Commercial Preventive Maintenance offering.

As with all systems, we recommend regular preventive maintenance of your automation system. This works in conjunction with our Virtual Services to keep your commercial HVAC system in tip-top shape.

Now you too can benefit from the same industry-leading automation services enjoyed by major commercial buildings throughout Minnesota.

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