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Optimize Your Large Boiler For Safety & Efficiency

Continually optimizing a large boiler plant not only helps reduce energy costs but also safeguards your long-term investment.

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Preventive maintenance plays a pivotal role in the continual optimization of any large boiler.

Owens created the first preventive maintenance of burners/boilers in the Twin Cities way back in the 70’s.

Our tailored programs provide regular inspections, routine cleaning, and calibrations.


By detecting and addressing potential problems before they escalate will prevent costly downtime and repairs.

Due to the complexity of a large boiler plant with power burners, servicing and maintaining requires the expertise of a skilled boiler technician. Any work performed on your boiler will be by a certified union technician. And any service or maintenance performed is recorded and tracked. 

Partner with Owens to unlock significant energy savings and protect your equipment investment for years to come.

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An experienced boiler technician is indispensable in maximizing the reliability, safety, and longevity of any large boiler plant.

Owens technicians understand the intricate control mechanisms involved in fuel delivery systems and the combustion process. Their experience allows them to diagnose issues accurately, adjust burner settings for optimal performance, and conduct thorough inspections to identify potential hazards.


Owens technicians will suggest upgrades or improvements only when all pros and cons have been evaluated. They will work with you to understand the costs of enhancing energy efficiency and complying with regulatory standards.

Owens Has A Maintenance Program For Your Boiler.

From Old to New, Low to High-Pressure Owens technicians have the experience needed to service your boiler.​

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Trust Owens To Maintain Your Large Boiler.

From annual cleaning and coordination with insurance inspections to documented combustion efficiency testing, Owens will make sure your boiler system is running at peak performance.


New boiler technology is now allowing for energy savings exceeding 30% with the retrofit of older boiler plants.

Contact Owens Companies today to learn more.

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