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Owen Companies Logo

The Twin Cities HVAC leader.

Owens Companies is a fully integrated, single-source mechanical contractor performing commercial and Residential HVAC for the Twin Cities, employing the highest-skilled HVAC technicians in the region.


Founded in 1957 by the late Robert H. Owens, Owens Companies has flourished by focusing on robust preventive maintenance procedures on the most complex equipment in the region. Bob Owens was a pioneer in our industry and set the standards for others to follow.

With a 66-year-old reputation in the Twin Cities as the premier provider of heating and cooling services, Owens has been able to attract and retain customers for decades. They have a relentless focus on customer and technician needs while maintaining a tight-knit, family-owned culture.

Owens Companies brings over six decades of experience to each building we service. It is a leading fully integrated, single-source mechanical contractor in the Twin Cities.

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