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Owens Is Meeting Industry Standards Through Maintenance and Partnership

Whether your mechanical systems are aging or freshly installed, maintenance of them is absolutely key.

Strategic partnerships with on-site building maintenance and engineers are key for providing quality service to meet the rigorous standards for a variety of industries. Whether this means system replacement, improvements to your current mechanical system, or ensuring continuity of business by maintaining a legacy system, Owens Companies technicians will do everything we can to keep your mechanicals functioning to meet demands. One of our values at Owens Companies is to treat your project with the care and concern as if it were our own building.

These strategic partnerships are part of what makes our service unique. With the combined skill-set of experienced well-trained on-site maintenance staff and the honed skills of highly educated Owens Companies technicians, we have been able extend the lifespan of systems while also building new projects with you.

Ken Lewis, NEI Electric – electrical contractor, Scott Hoyt and Chris Strehlow, Owens Mechanical – mechanical contractor. Photo courtesy: Blueprint blog and Scott Hoyt.

One such example of this kind of partnership is with Tapemark a pharmaceutical company located in St. Paul (for more information about this project, click here). Owens Companies is proud to have relationships with skilled on-site staff to meet the rigorous standards of the pharmaceutical industry. These standards are set by a variety of divisions of the U.S. government such as the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, Drug Enforcement Administration or others.

“It has been a great partnership with Scott Hoyt and Tapemark. With Owens Companies’ Design Build expertise and the best technicians in the business, we have successfully delivered multiple highly technical projects on time and on budget.”John Owens, Owens Companies President and CEO.

Owens Companies technicians are prepared to help you meet the high standards set for your industry. Whether you’re looking to maintain an older mechanical system, or install a new one, our technicians are prepared to provide you with excellent service.

Let’s get to work!


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