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Green Expectations: How Millennials are Changing the HVAC Industry

Generational shift often leads to changing consumer needs, which Owens openly embraces. By standing at the forefront and intersection of innovation and customer-centered service, Owens ensures that their customer base is understood and their needs are met, both in model and in practice.

Each generation attributes value differently. In fact, according to a recent Nielson Global survey, 66% of Millennials value sustainability and advances in technology that lessen their environmental impact above all else. Owens is prepared to meet their needs by offering dynamic products and service that promotes a sustainable home, while maintaining the standards that made us an industry leader in the first place.

The Importance of Maintenance and Service

Green energy options and systems are important, however maintaining and sustaining what is working and already in place saves money, time, and the environment. Still, many customers are unaware of the importance of routine maintenance for their health, safety, and the longevity of their HVAC systems. From condos, to townhouses, to traditional homes, the care of one’s HVAC system through appropriate (and affordable) maintenance options can save customers money long term, while helping to ensure that their environment is clean, safe, and minimally impactful to the earth. Maintaining quality systems is highly sustainable, and through our maintenance packages, millennial customers can trust that their values are upheld while their HVAC needs are met.

This also applies to companies that employ a millennial workforce, or hope to have them as customers within their own businesses, as establishments that offer and advertise clean air environments benefit from this distinction. Times are changing, and it is through an embracing of that change that we stop meeting customers where they are, and start meeting them where they’re going. Owens is proud to be an industry leader, and we understand that real leadership looks to the future.

Smart Homes, Smarter Consumers

The EPA recently found that we spend 90% of our time inside, which can impact our health and cognition if our environments are not ideal. From clean air, to ideal temperatures for work and sleep, having a system that works is vital to our well-being. Smart home products, such as the exceptional ecobee smart home systems we offer, allow for ideal customization within homes and business that promote health and well-being for customers, while offering green options such as conservation and energy optimization while at home and away. Smart systems save money and time in the long run, and provide customers with the peace of mind that hadn’t previously been available in the industry. This is why we’re seeing smart home HVAC systems as such a selling point on the real estate market. Customers know what they want, and a smart home is an efficient way to give them what they need.

Leading the Way

Owens prides itself on being an industry innovator and leader. We’re excited about new and alternative energy, smart homes system integration, and the changes that arise when knowledgeable consumers demand that their health, comfort and conscience are cared for. We’re here to meet, and exceed your needs.


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